When you're at work, your dog can be playing and getting the attention he needs instead of chewing on the living room furniture or your shoes! Why leave your pup at home when he can spend the day playing and socializing with other dogs? Doggie Daycare really is a great thing for your dog. Dogs take cues from each other, and learn how to play with each other as well as dogs their own size as well as bigger and smaller dogs. They develop confidence and comfort around other dogs. That can decrease fearful responses in excitable situations.

We test all pets for their temperament before they join our Doggie Daycare so we can provide the most pleasant stay possible for all of our guests. We will make sure your furry loved one is placed in the environment most appropriate for him to thoroughly enjoy his stay.

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Daycare rates are in 6 hour sessions available Monday - Friday starting as early as 7am and pickup as late as 7pm. $5 per 10 minutes charged for pickup after 7pm. No daycare on major holidays and 2 days before and after.

Single Session $28
Five Daycare Sessions – Use 1 or more a week package $85
Five Daycare Sessions – “5 Anytime Sessions” no expiration $105
Ten Sessions + 1 Free – Use 1 or more a week package $170
Ten Sessions + 1 Free – “11 Anytime Sessions” no expiration $210
Twenty Sessions + 3 Free – Use 2 or more a week package $340
Twenty Sessions + 3 Free – “23 Anytime Sessions” no expiration $420


Ask about our Teacher discounts

Optional/Add–on Services

  • Bathing
  • Mud therapy*
  • Brush-outs
  • Nail grinding
  • One-on-one walks
  • Stuffed frozen Kong
  • Overnight kennel-free sleepover w/ doggie ice cream
  • One-on-one game play (food puzzles, sniff & find, ball toss, Frisbee)
  • Medication
*Mud Therapy Options:
  • Energize “Mobility Mud”
    Invigorate your athletic, arthritic or aging family member (with peppermint & menthol)
  • Strengthen “Fortifying Mud”
    Ingredients to strengthen & protect the skin & protect the skin for beautiful coat
  • Hydrate “Shed Safely Mud”
    A deep cleansing, sweet smelling mud bath that flows with hydrating omega oils & B vitamins. Ideal for thick coats!
  • Calm “Soothing Mud”
    High in antioxidants & astringent properties to calm, soothe and promote healing


Pickup & drop off by appointment
7am–7pm, 7 days a week

Office hours: M–F 9am–5pm


12717 Gulfstream Blvd.
Port Charlotte, FL 33981
(941) 268-4920