Pickup & drop off are by appointment only, 7am - 6:30pm, 7 days a week. Office hours are Monday-Friday 9AM-5PM.
We require vet documentation showing:
  • Rabies vaccination
  • Bordetella vaccine within 6 months - Injectable version not acceptable
    • Oral vaccination with Parainfluenza/Adenovirus waiver Only
    • Intra-nasal Highly Recommended - protects against Bordetella, Parainfluenza & Adeonovirus
  • Fecal Test within 6 months with test results indicating No Parasites Found
  • Leptospirosis Vaccine within 1 year is highly suggested but not mandatory
Vaccines have to be administered a minimum of 7 (seven) days prior to boarding. There will be a forfeiture of your deposit if they are unmet. Due to the nature of vaccinations and the potential for "vaccination failure" (damage to vaccine, improper administration, improper storage, etc..) we are not able to accept dogs that have received vaccines or deworming NOT administered by pet care professionals.
Yes, due to the social interactions typical at the Dog Bed & Breakfast.
Yes, to ensure a safe atmosphere for all guests we have the following policies:
  • Dogs with a history of biting/fighting will not be allowed.
  • ALL "aggressive" breed dogs MUST first have a temperament of no fewer than 6 hours.
  • Dogs displaying aggressive tendencies (not including play fighting, playful biting) will be separated and excluded from social interactions with other dogs. There is always the possibility the owner may be called to come pick up his/her dog.
All dogs must have a temperament test before boarding or daycare, which should be scheduled 1–2 weeks before boarding. Typical temperament tests last 4 hours. Out of town dogs who are unable to have a temperament test before boarding or daycare must have a letter from a daycare center stating the acceptability of the dog.
You will be required to make a half payment at time of reservation and your Final payment at drop-off.  For stays that are only 1-3 nights full payment is due as deposit.
  • Full Refund if reservation canceled 7 days prior
  • 50% Refund if cancellation is More than 3 days prior
  • No refund if cancellation is 3 days or less or sick upon arrival, tick/flea infested, aggressive,
    "aggressive" breed without first having a temperament test
  • No refund if picked up earlier than scheduled
  • No refund in case of dog biting staff or other dog
  • No refund if at drop off vaccinations are not up to our standard
  • Please do NOT give your dog "extra special" treats or change their diet within 48 hours of drop-off.
  • Food:  ZipLock bagged & meal portioned out dog food. For longer vacations, food-grade insect-proof container or you can purchase (or be required to) a heavy-duty pet food container from us.
  • Toys:  Favorite non-fabric bedtime toy (if desired)
  • No customer-provided bedding due to risk of bed bugs, fleas, ticks, and lice
  • Vet vaccine records
    • Current rabies and distemper
    • Kennel Cough vaccination within 6 months - Non-Injection Only
    • Fecal test within 6 months (with negative results parasites found)
    • Leptospirosis Vaccine within 1 year is highly suggested but not mandatory
  • Prescription medications if any, in original containers
  • Handwritten note for medical administrative instructions and/or feeding directions, preferably on a note card


Pickup & drop off by appointment
7am–7pm, 7 days a week

Office hours: M–F 9am–5pm


12717 Gulfstream Blvd.
Port Charlotte, FL 33981
(941) 268-4920